Hurricane Maria Relief

Hurricane Maria Relief in Puerto Rico

We continue to offer hurricane relief to those affected by Hurricane Maria. Our hotel is taking an active role in the recovery efforts here in Puerto Rico. We have had all hands on deck focused on assisting our community through daily challenges and are dedicated to helping everyone we can here in San Juan. Companies like T-Mobile, ATT, and FEMA continue to provide assistance and disaster relief to people impacted by the hurricane’s devastation.

For their safety, Holiday Inn Express is currently not receiving guests as we cannot guarantee basic services such as hot water or air conditioning. We appreciate your understanding if you had previously held a reservation. The core team of engineers working on relief efforts have informed us that our community is going to continue requiring support until May and it would be irresponsible for our hotel to accept guests in the meantime. Our hotel is one of the few facilities open in San Juan and is currently home to our caring first responders who are out every day, rebuilding our community.

Home to First Responders

Our hotel is currently not open to the public as we are currently housing FEMA and first responders. These volunteers are spending day and night rebuilding our community and providing support to Puerto Rico as a whole. We are committed to supporting those volunteers who are here, as well as our community as a whole in any small way that we can.

Hurricane Maria Aid for the Community

Our hotel is open for the local neighborhood so that they have access to power. They can charge their electronic devices, use WiFi, and use the bathroom. Local organizations here in San Juan and Puerto Rico as a whole are using our facilities for their recruitment effort. Businesses are using our facilities to conduct everyday activities, such as conducting job interviews.

We are working on more activities to entertain our guests and show our appreciation, like the Halloween Party that was held recently. These activities include a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas Party, both in a Puerto Rican style to thank all of our volunteers who are with us and away from their families during the holidays.

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